Monday, March 13, 2006

Playing with Pastels (chalks)

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Pastels, or Chalks are such fun to play with and add a touch of depth to your stamping projects. Over the next several posts, I will list ways to utilize your pastels to get the most from them. In this post, we'll start with the basics:

Pastels may be applied with sponge tipped applicators (such as an eye makeup applicator), sponge daubers, blender pens, pom-poms or the plain old Q-tip (my preference since they are cheap and available in abundance).

When applying pastels to your projects don't worry about being perfect. A little smudge outside the lines creates an "artistic effect". Blend colors as desired.

After coloring with pastels, place your project aside for a few minutes to allow the pastels to set.

Fixatives aren't always necessary. If the project is a quick card, you can skip the fixative. If your project is intended to be permanent, such as a gift item, or scrapbook, a quick spray from an archival matte sealer is best. Don't over spray.

Frequently pastels break. This is normal because the medium is soft. Broken pastels do not affect their use in any way.

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