Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pastels on Tiles

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This idea makes a wonderful gift! Everyone who makes a tile just loves them. They are so easy -- that's the best part.

Start with tumbled tiles -- I like Bottichino tumbled tiles sold at Lowes and Home Depot -- make sure the tiles you choose do not have a glaze on them. If they are shiny, or seem to have a finish, they will not work with this technique.

Wipe your tile to remove any dust.
Stamp images with Stazon ink.
Begin coloring in images w/ Pastels. I use a q-tip.
Smudge color around the edges and in the blank spaces if you like. This adds depth to the final product.
Spray lightly with a clear matte sealer - make sure you are outside or have good ventilation!
Glue cork to the back and you are done!

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