Wednesday, August 01, 2007

this time last year {almost}

This time last year our oldest son was starting college. That was a big adjustment for all of us. We homeschool, so not only was he our first to graduate and attend college ... but it was the first time he left home for his education! I am happy to report we both adjusted well.

The layout was just completed but the photos were made on the first morning of second semester {Jan. '07}. Will and his friend, Erin were able to car pool and save on gas, which was a very good thing with gas hitting $3 a gallon. She was also homeschooled so they have lots in common. She's a tiny little thing, and my son is not as you can tell from the pictures! They've been friends since forever. Erin's mom is my best friend for going on 22 years. The supplies are all Foof-a-la, if I remember correctly.

This year our second child will begin college. Now we will have 2 in college, and one left home to finish up. Another year of adjustments for all of us. Maybe I'll have more time to scrapbook??

happy stampin'


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Dana said...

Congrats on having two of your home-schooled children in college!

Love the LO, and the supplies you used too.