Thursday, August 02, 2007

the artist

Our youngest son is an artist. He loves to draw. He frequently writes stories and illustrates them. Right now he is back on his comic book kick. He's definitely a serious comic collector, but he also comes up with story lines and characters. The other day I caught him inking a drawing in his room and snapped a few pictures.

Here is a close up of his bulletin board. Lots of drawings and ideas are stored there.

Pretty cool. Nothing to do with stamping or scrapping {at least not until I get these photos in an album}, but something I wanted to share.



Jan Scholl said...

I am a serious comic reader and for a femaile, that is weird according to everyone I know. I have 50+ years of Superman and am DC loyal but my favs are indy comics like Bones, Castle Waiting, and most black and whites

has your son tried this one yet? Mouse Guard

Chrisitna said...

Hi, I think it's great that your son is so talented...don't count out stamping though, he just might be a great designer for specialized rubber stamps!!! Christina Amador