Thursday, August 30, 2007


Ever have one of those duh! moments? If you said yes, then get ready for another one. I found a tip today that would have never crossed my mind in millions of years! It's so simple ... yet so amazing.

At stamp club, I'll have ribbon for the ladies to use on their cards. We are forever using a craft knife to cut a little slit, or an anywhere punch ... just anything to make an entry for the ribbon to wrap around the card front. Well, obviously I'm no genius because Patty has come up with the best way to wrap those ribbons w/out stressing out over cutting a hole. CHECK THIS OUT.

Did ya go read it? Did ya? What do you think? Was it a complete duh! moment for you too? Thanks to Patty for sharing her wisdom. I'm going to go order that punch right now ... oh wait, maybe I have it ... guess I should check my stash first, huh?

happy stampin'


joan said...

great idea!!!

Cheryl said...

Great idea and I've linked to her blog.

Sharon in NE said...

I love things like that! Thanks for sharing.

Dana said...

VERY cool tip! Total duh moment too!

Corie said...

What a great tip -- thanks for sharing