Tuesday, March 13, 2007

are you tired of me yet??

Wait ... don't answer! I have a few more photos to share. One day I'll get back to sharing cards and scrapbooks ... probably.

This is a section of the pastry counter at the Eastern Market. yum-o.

Of course, we had to sample a few items for breakfast.

Lane went on a search for comic books at a local book shop Thursday night. No luck, but I think he enjoyed the ladder.

While we were book shopping, the rest of the family was at The Who concert at Verizon center. They said it was awesome -- ears were still ringing the next morning, however.

{and, this photos is a cheat. I got it from Googling The Who. No cameras were allowed in the concert} I've found that I can make some really neat scrapbook pages by utilizing the Google image search function. Sometimes you don't get the photo you want ... or your memory card fails {grrr} ... or you're not allowed to take photos. So, even though some may consider it cheating, I think it is perfectly fine to fake it w/ photos. And -- let's not even get into the copyright issue. There are many copyright free images available on the web.


joan said...

glad the family had a good time on the trip.

Dawn Mercedes said...

Looks like you aren't back yet! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!