Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year & Blog Candy

Actually, it's still New Year's Eve, but I wanted to get a post in tonight. Later we are going cosmic bowling w/ another family - it's a New Year's Eve party from 10pm - midnight with food and cider! It should be fun, but I know it's going to be crowded and noisy too.

I was just online reading fellow crafter's resolutions for 2009. I have a few resolutions in the back of my head, so maybe by posting I will be more accountable and actually follow through. So here we go:
  1. Clean, organize and keep my craft area reasonably clean all year. (already been working on it)
  2. Scrap and stamp for my personal satisfaction regularly.
  3. Get together w/ my girlfriends once a month to craft and hang out. (starting this Saturday - woo hoo!)
  4. Be more purposeful when purchasing new supplies. I have a stash that is crazy! Mostly paper & ribbon ... I seem to have an issue with pretty printed paper and colorful ribbons.
  5. Use up my stash!!!

Would you like to share your resolutions? I'll ante up and offer BLOG CANDY for anyone who shares their resolutions by either commenting here, or linking to your blog where you posted resolutions. I'll get a photo of the BLOG CANDY up asap - hopefully by tomorrow.

happy stampin'


grandmajoan said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I like your resolutions!!

Kay said...

Hi and Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!! This year I am going to TRY to be more careful with my craft purchases and to organize what I HAVE!!! LOL- Hugs Kay M.

Donna said...

Great ideas! I have also started working on 1) cleaning my craft room (I share it with the laundry room) 2) trying to use up my paper and ribbon before I buy more (so hard to do) 3)I am selling sets that I haven't used in at least a year that don't even look used (good way to have money for new sets) That's it so far Have a good new year!

jmniffer said...

Great resolutions. My crafting ones include making an image inventory and to stop "saving" my supplies for a special card and instead just use them. jmniffer

jackie said...

I don't do resolutions but good luck with yours! thanks for chance to win

susan said...

I'm gonna try to be more helpful to all my family and not complain tooooo much when I'm tired and want to spend my free time playing with my crafts and cards.

Donna said...

Great resolutions, Susan. I have two resolutions for 2009. I'd like to keep my crafting area neater and more organized and I'd like to ue my crafts to give more to charity. It could be sending soldiers more cards or donating items for fund raising. Happy 2009!

Anonymous said...

Your made some good choices Susan. Mine are to 1. clean my craft room (I have a whole bedroom full of shelves drawers, desk and filing cabinets. Now to get them in order.
2. Decide what to get rid of. I know I have too much stuff. Either use it or lose it. Someone else might find a good use for it.
3. Do more cardmaking and scrapbooking for myself. I am not teaching anymore so now its time to do my own stuff.
4. Check out all of my BIBHUIY's. Bought it but haven't used it yet. I know there are several in that room. Just buried in their original boxes or whatever. If I am not going to use it then give it to someone who will. Maybe I can get our old crafting group togeether and do some trading.
Thanks for the chance to win something.
Shelby Dunning

A Stroke Above said...

Hello, it's my first visit. I love your blog. I also like your new year's resolutions. Maybe I should be so organized. Happy New Year! Linda Crowder Ferris, TX

-Agnes- said...

I better be careful with resolutions as I'm not very good at keeping them - I think I can't even remember last years' anymore... Bad, uh? Anyway, my resolutions for this year are as follows:

1) I want to try to submit work to three crafting challenges every week - that means I would get to craft almost every day, isn't that great?

2) I want to make more effort for my hair (use heated curlers and condition it all the time, that sort of thing...)

Jackie said...

I agree heartily with your #4 and #5! Those are on my list, too, along with:

1. Make more cards for the Meals on Wheels to accomplish #5!
2. Get some exercise, even if it's half an hour with the Wii Fit.
3. Eat healthier and eat smaller portions.

That's enough for me to commit to at this point :-)

Happy New Year and I wish us all luck with our objectives.

Marlene said...

My number one resolution is to get organized in every aspect of my life! That includes the craft room, my home, preparing & eating better meals, etc. It's a must!

Janet Bagnall said...

Hey Susan - I like all of your resolutions and think I'm going to ditto yours. Happy 2009 and I hope we will be able to get together soon.

Marla said...

Happy New Year! My resolution is to give more away. I'm sure that I'm the only scrapper out there that tends to hoard! I need to be much more sharing to others! Thank you for your gracious offer!

Suzanne said...

My resolution is to use more of what I already have. I tend to buy and buy and hate to give away so I intend to make others happy with the gifts I can make using what I already have!