Thursday, July 13, 2006


Our two teenagers have been on a mission trip since Saturday. This is their first trip! I hear they are lovin' it much. I hope they are missing mom and dad a bit too! It took a lot of prayer before I was convinced they needed to travel into Mexico this summer. Mom's not too crazy about the whole idea. But they are old enough to know if they really want to do something, and I wouldn't stand in their way when their hearts are set on a mission trip.

They are in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, near Dr. Arroyo. They stayed inMcAllen, TX, overnight, crossed the border around Reynosa then headedsouth to Dr. Arroyo. At least that is the info I have at the moment. Itis a 10 hour trip. They will return to TX on Friday, and fly back toCharlotte on Saturday. Please pray for safe travel the remainder of this week, and the trip home.

Here is a weblink to the map w/ their approximate location in Mexico. I will post some pictures once they are home and we get them uploaded to the computer.

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