Monday, May 18, 2009


Literally, this is my crafting space! I have taken over the back part of our bedroom. The area is about 5' x 12'. Not quite large enough to hold all my stuff ... so I have a bunch of things crammed in my closet too. I mean, who needs clothes anyway, am I right? Well, maybe one or two really comfortable jammies, but otherwise ...

I have been trying to purge, clean and organize this space for quite some time now. I am not sure how long it's been, but I'm guessing maybe I started late summer '08? That is really a long time, huh? I guess I'm slow.

This is the main corner of MySpace. Where my desk sits, and most of the tools I reach for regularly. It looks kind of messy, but this is really clean!!!

On the shelves above my desk I have ribbons and buttons in jars and bins, misc. mounted rubber stamps, binders with unmounted stamps, boxes with reinkers, scissors, pens, envelopes and all kinds of things (all labeled), 2 boxes of cards waiting on the perfect occasion, tons of adhesive, stamp cleaner and paper flowers. To the left are two caddies that hold all my fav tools, a Clip-it-up, and the SU ink caddy.

Looking further to the left, is the back wall of our bedroom, and more storage for me! I really like the storage cubes. Mine came from Michaels and Target. Most were 50% off during a sale, thankfully. The drawers, shelves, etc. are really convenient for storage and everything fits which isn't always the case with Iris carts or other storage units I've tried.

Beside the ink pad caddy is a spice holder with MM paints, a basket for the beloved Copics, and more storage. The cards are hanging from a magnetic rope. I think I would like another one to hang over the other half of the back window. I like seeing cards out in view.

Further to the left ... more storage! yay! There are cutting tools on top of the units - Tonic cutter, Big Shot and Cricut. The baskets hold ribbon and paper pads ~ which I'll show in more detail in another post. I'll also share shots of the inside of a few drawers, just to illustrate how I am using the storage units.

My beloved Copics in a handmade basket. Ready to just pick up and go! The box underneath (look closely, there is a box there) is a 12x12 album box which I keep all the stamped images I plan to color w/ Copics. I can grab the basket and box and be ready to color any place at a moment's notice.

A closer shot of the magnetic rope with a selection of cards I've made ~ except for the "Hello" card which was made by Stephanie Hamilton and sent w/ some blog candy I won from her.

That's probably more than you wanted to see today! I have one more post about MySpace, then I'll stop boring you and get back to projects.

happy stampin'


Cheryl said...

Wonderful space Susan!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing your space, Susan! I love to see where others create.

Ashley said...

I love your space! It's not boring at all! I hope you will post more about it!

mawmawjoan said...

wow - you have alot of scrapbooking tools