Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girl's Night Out Rocks!

Once a month a group of ladies get together for a girl's night ... we stamp, knit, crochet ... snack and just hang out together for the evening. It is such fun and I look forward to it every month! I wish we could do it weekly! Too bad we have lives outside of crafting, huh?

Here are just a few photos (from my phone, so the quality is at best questionable). I made them small because there were so many. But you'll get the idea of what we do, and maybe it will make you want to come play with us next time!

~ making an altered bracelet:

knitting or crocheting:


lots of chatting!

and, considering a pair of pink crocs for sale (as a fundraiser):

making tu-tus:

discussions & consultations:
this is the bracelet they are discussing:

~ and great snacks ... right?
oh yes, I almost forgot - wifi and Facebook for the addicted!

Somehow I managed to stay out of the photos (hehe). Next time I'll make sure to get in at least one.

happy stampin'


mawmawjoan said...

Love the photos!!! GNO really rocks!!!!!

Katie said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Wish I had been able to be there. Next month...