Wednesday, June 04, 2008

organizing -- what??

I haven't shared any cards this week - but I do have a few things to post for this weekend, and next week. I took a break from blogging to make some cards for a contest, and since I can't post them I don't have anything to share!

I did spend one entire afternoon organizing my craft space - mostly sorting ribbons by color. Isn't that exciting news? Actually, it was a lot of low-key, relaxing fun. I'll post a few photos here just for the heck of it -- because it's nothing spectacular, really.

So - the other day I watched the afternoon shows including my favorite Andy Griffith, and Oprah {who I normally do not watch} and wrapped ribbon on spools and sorted it by color. Now I have a jar of blue/purple ribbon, green/yellow ribbon, and pink/orange/red ribbon, plus another container of neutrals. Oh, I keep a roll of hemp in the blue bucket you see there. (ignore those spools in the corner ... the jar was full.

Since I need to keep my SU ribbons separate from all my other ribbons, I also punched holes with my cropadile in my Stampin' Up ribbon holder so I could thread the ends through the front and keep it neater. I need one more hole for the lavender ribbon - or I need to take it out, because it's not actually SU! ribbon.

My flower collection also benefited because I took the ribbons and put them on shelves together - so then I took all my flower embellishments and put them on one shelf. Maybe now that they are sorted I will begin to use them up! Any other ribbon and flower junkies out there???

Oh, and I painted two small shelves that I got on clearance at walmart - um, 9-12 months ago - and hung them up. Once I painted the shelves with Making Memories paint they seemed too clean and bright, so I took my husband's brown shoe polish and rubbed it all over to stain and distress the wood. Then I sanded a few rough spots. Voila! Two nice shelves, perfect for something ...

For now, I am using the top one for a card display -- it's so small the shelf only holds 2 cards! - and the other shelf is holding Making Memories paint. The card on the right is one I received from Pat Huntoon (Technique Junkies) when I won a set of stamps from her Technique Trail blog. BTW - Pat gives away a stamp set every week - check her Wednesday posts for details. I was thrilled to win the stamp set, but I think I enjoyed getting a card from Pat almost as much!

I also cleaned and moved some stuff around so I could actually walk from my table to my storage drawers. It's been such a mess ... and I'm a terrible collector of "things with potential" ... that I had stuff lying everywhere. I seriously couldn't walk from one spot to another without stepping over or moving something. Not to mention that all this mess is in my bedroom - where I see it, and worse, my husband sees it every day! I figure if I keep it neater he will think I am not buying anything! Ah, a little deception goes a long way - lol.

happy stampin,


Pat Huntoon said...

AW, thanks : )

Awesome organizing. Want to do my room? I know I have a desk in there somewhere...

grandmajoan said...

looking good!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Susan your space is looking FABULOUS!!!