Monday, September 17, 2007

The Big Tour

Today's theme for photos is The Big Tour @ - photos of your home. This is my offering -- I had to choose something I could crop real close so you can't see the huge mess in my house. For those of you who know I'm not a Suzy Homemaker - let me assure you, it's really, really, really a mess. Being sick for 4 days does nothing for your house when you have 3 teenagers and their friends trampling around with disregard. What I should do is take pictures of all the messes - ha! That would be one for scrapbooking, huh?

Now, I want to share a tin I altered to hold the pieces for the Just Rite Monogram Stamper. I'm going to start calling this my Super Stamper because it's so clever and versatile. I found this tin somewhere, probably Michael's on sale and thought it would be perfect to hold all those letters and numbers that I would probably lose if not contained. Here is the tin and stamper:

Now, the tin open:

And finally, just the tin:

All I did was add ribbon with red line tape around the tin and across the top. Then I stamped my monogram, punched it with the Marvy Scallop punch, and layered on top of a larger Marvy Scallop punch.

Easy peasy, and the monogram on top reminds me what is inside the tin, a definite plus these days! There is a cool video on using the Super Stamper - click on over and view it. I think the Stamper now comes with a case, but when I bought mine it wasn't included so I just made my own. I think I like mine just as well.

happy stampin,

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