Saturday, August 26, 2006

All Blog ... all the time

Blogging is wonderful, quick and free, so I'm going to all blog, all the time.

A few quick items:
First, I'm deleting my Stampin' Up! website because
{a} it's not cheap and
{b} it doesn't seem to be really serving the purpose I had hoped.
Maybe in the future I'll consider it again, but for now, my money can work for me in other areas with more results. I'll continue to send emails out with class/club info, and post upcoming events here as well.

Second, there may be a few minor changes to the Stamp Clubs. I'm trying to re-evaluate my time after a terribly hectic summer.

I almost lost "it" a few times this summer {not sure what "it" really is, but you get the idea here}. It was tough, and I finally reached the point where I realized I need to re-priortize my life. This is something I have neglected for a long time - you know how it happens, you start one thing, then think, well I could add another, I'm not that busy ... then before you realize it, you're overwhelmed, and you can't see light at the other end ... but how can you say NO to all these wonderful people?

The good news is that my work schedule is returning to normal. The temporary summer job has ended, and school has started back which means we'll have some sort of loose schedule now {don't want to be too confined!}

I read something this summer that really hit home. It was written by Aby Garvey who is a professional organizer. She publishes an e-zine with tips and hints about organizing your home and life to be more efficient so that you can make time for the important things. This summer, in her blog, Aby talked about cleaning out and making space - that makes perfect sense when you're talking about closets and such - but Aby was talking about making space in life. Making space for those things that are truly important.

That was the visual I needed ... it hit me and instantly I understood. I needed to create some space in my life. I needed to get in there and really clean out all those things that were keeping me from doing the important stuff. I was in the place where I found myself running around trying to please all these other people who weren't my family members. I was neglecting my family!

So, I am happy to report that I am in the process of creating space in my life, so that I can pursue the truly important things. Yes, there are the must-do things like work, but if I can clear out all the clutter, then I should have time for work, family and fun. So please bear with me while I decide what to do with all my clutter. You can read Aby's original post by clicking here: Creative Organizing

Finally, thank you ladies in my stamp clubs, what a wonderful group of ladies you are! You've been with me from the beginning and continue to add light to my life ~ I look forward to stamp clubs every month, seriously.

Signing off for now ... next post stamping related, I promise!

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